Best Product Nominee: The Dirty Diaper

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I love great products.

My latest Dirty Diaper

My latest Dirty Diaper

Not just tech products, either. Game of Thrones is a great product, which is why I feel the need to blab on and on about it until I nauseate those who haven’t gotten hooked yet.

With summer approaching, I feel the need to share with you another truly great product: the Dirty Diaper.  The Dirty Diaper is the result of roasting a marshmallow with chocolate shoved into it.  Done correctly, you are treated to a toasted marshmallow with hot melted chocolate inside.  Think new-and-improved cousin to the s’more, sans graham cracker.

I can’t take credit for this revolutionary dessert. My youngest son told me about the concept (he learned  about it from some worthy soul at a campout), and I am now happier and slightly more rotund because of it.

If you are lucky enough to have changed a few soiled diapers, Dirty Diaper is the perfect name. This combination of marshmallow and chocolate look very similar to the dirty diapers I have experienced, but thankfully taste and smell differently.

Many of you are now thinking, “Greg, you could have just tweeted this pic and saved me from reading 223 words.” When you try a Dirty Diaper at your next outdoor fire, I think you will agree 140 characters would not have sufficed.


  • Shanika Weerasundara

    true; I never guessed the analogy and the ending. When I looked at the picture
    before reading, I really thought someone is setting fire to dirty diapers.
    Extreme humor, did not know Greg is this drastic. How fun!